the power of green

The Power of Green

0 of 5 3 Minutes 16 ounce

Michael Pollan, author of a great motivational book, “Food Rules, An Eaters Manual” states the challenge of eating well comes down to two choices: real food or highly processed food....

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Lemon Chickpeas with Kale, Sumac and EVOO

Lemon Chickpeas with Kale, Sumac and EVOO

5 of 5 45 Minutes

Lemon chickpeas are classic Mediterranean comfort food. As a chef, I have the good fortune to be surrounded with awesome food and, as a bonus, what better food city to live in...

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preserved lemons

Mourad’s Preserved Lemons & 4 Weeks of Patience

5 of 5 6 Lemons

Preserved lemons and the power of social media, my friend Don Odiorne, a man that knows all about Idaho Potatoes, posted on Facebook that he dined at Mourad’s  in San Francisco, the only...

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Lemon and Garlic

The Flu Fighter & the Power of Garlic and Lemon

4 of 5 3 Minutes 24 x 1 oz.

We all agree lemon and garlic is a powerful antioxidant with antiviral and antibiotic properties. The beauty with the Flu Fighter recipe is that there is no fear of that “AH GARLIC”...

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