Alaska Halibut Chowder

Flavor over Trend: J & J Alaskan Halibut Chowder

Fall is in full force and the soup, chowder and stew season has arrived.  This is my favorite time of the year; leaves are changing and showing their beautiful colors, the first chill is in the air, and hunting season has begun. My J & J Alaskan halibut chowder served with Farmers Bread is a substantial chowder with potatoes, line caught halibut and bacon that speaks fall and comfort.
Having a treat such as Alaskan halibut in my freezer, needed soul searching on what to do with such a delicate catch. First, I was thinking Asian, then Mediterranean, and finally it hit me, chowder, a recipe as simple as it gets.  Chef Paul Sorgule, he writes the food blog Harvest America Ventures , nailed simplicity, real enjoyment and flavor with the article CHEFS- KEEP IT SIMPLE, DO IT BETTER .  What a great article and so true, food in the absence of flavor and passion will quickly lose its appeal.

Alaskan Chowder

Alaskan halibut chowder is my first seafood recipe post on my blog. Not that I’m afraid to cook seafood at home, what inspired me to cook halibut chowder is the fact that I was the lucky recipient of about 7 lbs. of fresh Alaskan halibut. Halibut caught in the clear cold waters of the Pacific Ocean is a Chef’s dream. The filets were as fresh as they can be, with a clean, no fishy smell what so ever.


Webster dictionary defines comfort food as:
Food that is satisfying because it’s prepared in a simple or traditional way and reminds you of home, family, or friends, all-important qualifications that my chowder recipe passes with flying colors. In September, my friend Joe and his son John went on a fishing trip to Alaska and caught about 150 lbs. of rock fish, salmon and a HUGE halibut. The quality of the halibut was amazing. The Halibut arrived nicely portioned, vacuum packed, ready to go with compliments of Joe, John and the Calder Mountain Lodge located on the Northern tip of Prince Wales Island.


Halibut chowder, a dish that is very satisfying telling a fisherman’s tale about history, traditions, simple food, flavor and acceptance.

Alaskan Halibut Chowder

Alaskan Halibut Chowder

Alaskan Halibut Chowder

Halibut prefer deep waters, 200 to 300 feet deep with rocks and ledges and are prized as a trophy fish for their quality flakey meat. I wish I could have been on board the fishing vessel.  I just can imagine and hear the scream: FISH ON. I have a visual of Joe jumping into action grabbing the fishing pole, it must have been exhilarating and hard work to steadily reel in a 95 lb. beast from a depth of 200 to 300 feet. Finally spotting the monster coming up to the surface and getting it into the boat is another story to tell. By the way, the Alaska state record weight for a halibut is 450 lbs.

Alaskan halibut chowder cooked in my favorite Dutch Oven served with crusty Farmers bread, is a match made in heaven. Cooking halibut is an easy task, the secret is not to overcook the fish.  If you overcook halibut it can be dry. Halibut has a very mild flavor, so adding a little bacon creates a great flavor combination. My chowder is cooked mindfully, with attention to detail and beats a canned or frozen soup any day.

Alaskan Halibut Chowder


Alaska Halibut Chowder

Sometimes I cook like it will be my last meal and indulge.  However, I realize that it’s ok as long as I go back to eating mindfully and in moderation.  Talking about moderation, a word that is used a lot more in our days with everything that has to do with food. The fundamental question you need to ask yourself is 1 scoop or 1 pint of cream – moderation.  There is a real danger with eating in moderation, once you give yourself the green light to eat anything in “moderation” I will guarantee it, you are in trouble. I know you agree, there is the need for a basic level of nutritional education, portion sizes, variation, seasonality and quality that goes hand in hand with eating in moderation.

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