California avocado chimichurri egg salad

California Avocado Chimichurri Egg Salad Toast

Last week was the first day the Chicago Andersonville Farmers Market opened and I found great looking farm fresh eggs. It seems that I never struggle to use eggs in my kitchen. I always seem to run out of eggs, using them for mayonnaise, quiche etc. or for my  Perfect Soft Boiled Egg . California avocado chimichurri egg salad toast is a favorite of mine, it is easy to make: peel and dice an avocado, mix with a little plain yogurt, add chopped hard boiled eggs and kick it up a notch with a tablespoon or two of Argentine Chimichurri .

SSP_561Interesting fact about Eggs: Leghorn chickens lay white eggs while Orpington’s lay brown eggs and Ameraucana produce blue eggs.  I didn’t know this until I did some research.  One more interesting fact, look at the chickens ear lob, typically those with white ear lobes produce white eggs.

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Lean and green; I love eggs, I love California Avocado  I love Chimichurri.  By mixing all of these ingredients into a California avocado chimichurri egg salad and placing the salad on a piece of crispy toasted farmers bread – is heaven!  Egg salad can usually be very heavy and making one without mayo sounds perfect.  Use avocados, instead of mayonnaise.  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?  If you are looking for less calories, while having a great tasting lunch or snack, this is the perfect recipe.and



Using hard boiled farm fresh eggs and only half of the egg yolks, yogurt and the healthy fat of the avocados, which is known to lower your cholesterol,  creates a simple healthier option for a quick lunch or afternoon snack.  The Chimichurri with garlic, fresh oregano, parsley and cilantro brings out the depth of the salad and creates a very balanced quick meal.  Add grilled vegetables or crisp green salad and you are ready to go.  One thing to note about Chimichurri, the sauce will develop a full awesome flavor after a day or two in the refrigerator.  The bold flavor of the oregano and garlic really shine after letting it sit for some time.  You can add more Chimichurri to the egg salad if you like, or drizzle some over the sandwich or serve on the side.




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