black bean chocolate cupcakes

Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes, White Chocolate Ganache & Sea Salt

Baking black bean chocolate cupcakes at home, tensions can be high.
Pots and pans are all over the place and the most important people in a kitchen, your Pot washer, and prep cook are missing. What you don’t want to do is bark orders at your wife, so self-control and managing the situation is of utmost importance.

I’ve been baking black bean chocolate cupcakes for the last 10 years and every time people eat one I get that “Ahhhh” no way look.  The pinnacle of fortified food, stealth health on steroids, the way to add beans and fiber to your diet, a Dietitians dream come true.  Baking a healthier version of a cupcake that is edible is exciting.  One made with black beans is really exciting, and adding a whipped white chocolate Ganache sprinkled with a little sea salt… sounds like heaven.
Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes

Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes


Never judge a book on his cover:

I really don’t remember how I got the recipe and my first reaction most likely was the same as yours; a black bean chocolate cupcake must be gross.  However, as the saying goes you should never judge a book by its cover.  They are awesome!  Light, moist, and a definite crowd-pleaser. The only recommendation I have for you is that you find the best Cocoa powder possible, I use Belgian Callebaut 100% cocoa powder, what a difference in quality and flavor.

Black Beans:

Black beans are naturally low in sodium and contain potassium, calcium, and magnesium; all of which have been found to decrease blood pressure naturally.  According to the American Heart Association, eating beans as part of a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle may help improve your cholesterol,
a leading cause of heart disease.

Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes

Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes

Black Bean Chocolate Cup Cake


Ganache is of French origins, like so many other great foods from that part of the world.  A whipped Ganache is a simple recipe that consists of one part cream and one part chocolate.  In order to make whipped white chocolate, the temperature is crucial.
Too warm, it feels like you whip the ganache forever; too cold, you will end and up with a grainy ganache.  For the perfect whipped ganache, it is essential that the ganache is at room temperature and is whipped at room temperature (around 70F).
Whip the ganache until soft peaks form, you should not need to whip more than 2 – 3 minutes, more than that and your ganache will be grainy.  Once whipped to a soft peak, allow to cool in the refrigerator.  It should firm up nicely to a smooth texture.




Here are the black bean cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream icing, another way to enjoy.


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