Chaussons aux Pommes

Chaussons aux Pommes, A French Classic

Voilà, Chaussons aux Pommes are great, simple, and so French. No Boulangerie in France is without them. With food, sometimes simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication and Chaussons aux Pommes definitely fall into this category.
According to legend, Chaussons aux Pommes (apple turnovers) was invented in 1630 in Saint Calais in the Sarthe region of France. The town of Saint Calais was suffering from an epidemic and the Chatelaine, the lady of the town, distributed flour and apples to the poor – and they made apple turnovers. A simple recipe; however, like everything with cooking or baking, the details are important and make the difference.
Making puff pastry at home is a rainy weekend project and isn’t really that difficult. It just takes some time and refrigerator space.  To be honest, I purchase Dufour Classic Puff Pastry from Whole Foods; one of the most buttery and flaky pastry you will ever find. Chaussons aux Pommes are a very occasional treat for me.
We all agree puff pastry is not exactly considered a low-calorie food.

Eating in moderation:

Sometimes you just need to go for it and enjoy a pastry that is so French. When I indulge, I enjoy it. I don’t feel guilty, defeated, or regretful because I know that overall I eat in moderation. We all deserve food that brings back memories and makes us feel good. We all know eating healthy can be hard and once in a while, you need to reward yourself.
I avoid processed food and eat clean food as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I eat junk foods. But I eat homemade junk, where I can control the ingredients and cook a healthier version.
I know that I will bake Chaussons aux Pommes again – because the day will come where I will reward myself again and a few freshly baked awesome Chaussons aux Pommes fit that bill perfectly.

Chaussons aux Pommes

Picking the apple

Apples vary widely in their flavor so picking the right apple for apple sauce is important. I personally like the Golden Delicious. They are sweet, tart, and almost buttery, well balanced and rich – especially when cooked.  Bake seasonal and purchase apples from a local farm or your farmer’s market. You can jazz up your applesauce with these mix-in suggestions: raisins, dried cherries or dried cranberries, orange zest or your favorite ground spices, such as cinnamon or ginger.

Decorating the Chaussons aux Pommes

The crust is decorated with a leaf design and glazed with syrup. Brush the Chaussons aux Pommes with egg wash and let dry for about 5 minutes. Repeat and brush again with egg wash. With a sharp knife “cut” a leaf design into the Chaussons aux Pommes.
Brushing the Chaussons aux Pommes with sugar syrup after they are baked and putting them back into the oven for another minute, makes the syrup caramelize and gives the puff pastry that slightly sweet taste and awesome shine.

Chaussons aux Pommes
Did you know that apples are stored in atmospherically controlled rooms for up to 10 months before being put on supermarket shelves. So bake seasonal and my recommendation is to purchase them from a local farm or your farmers market.

For me, baking a recipe that has been used for over 400 years belongs in the tradition over trend category. The Chaussons aux Pommes recipe is a pastry that makes you look back in time and history.
Just imagine, Chaussons aux Pommes were baked well before the French revolution.
I know you agree, a recipe that has survived this long has to be a really, really good recipe.


Chaussons aux Pommes

The Taste

Delicious, the flavor of puff pastry, vanilla, butter, and apples is amazingly simple and good.
A home-run in the flavor department.

The Process

By purchasing a good quality store-purchased puff pastry, they are easy to make.
One piece of advice, make plenty because I ate all of them during the photoshoot.

The Verdict

Simplicity can be the ultimate in sophistication and Chaussons aux Pommes is exactly that.
The recipe puts you back in time where food was made with quality and flavor.
You will love the clean flavor and served with a great cup of coffee, you will be in heaven.

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