Cheese Spaetzle with Almond and Pear Schmelz

Cheese Spaetzle with Almond and Pear Schmelz

DSC2791I cannot believe that in a few weeks fall is arriving and Cheese Spaetzle with Almond and Pear Schmelz sounded like a great meal for the upcoming colder days. Today was a very hot and humid day in Roswell Ga. however you can see the changes coming, the white Oak tree in my front yard starts loosing leaves and the evenings are getting a little cooler.

DSC2799I discovered beautiful pears in the store and wanted to create a meal that tells a story of fall. Lately I really crave dishes from Europe, I’m getting kind of tired of the everyday food that you see in restaurants in our days.

DSC2723I guess it is all about taste memories and spaetzle are defiantly one of the comfort foods that stayed with me. The Almond Pear schmelz is a very simple recipe that goes extremely well with the Spaetzle. I love the crunch of of the almonds and the sweetness of the pears. Spaetzle are at home in Baden Wurtemberg, a part of Germany where for hundreds of years because of the mountains was not a lot of meat available, meat was considered a “Herrenessen” only available for the rich people. The art of cooking pasta like spaetzle and maultaschen was fine-tuned and stayed with the people to this day.

DSC2908I had some leftover spaetzle and fixed a quick lunch with a little different preparation. I heated a nonstick sauté pan to a medium, added a little olive oil and butter.
Sautéed the spaetzle until warm and brown, served them with Honey roasted tomatos with basil and chili peppers and a little sautéed Delicata squash.
What a treat, the sweet, spicy flavor of the tomatoes with the crunch of the delicate squash was awesome, Pair that with a nice Riesling and you have the perfect lunch


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