Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Truffles

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Truffles

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Truffles are easy to make and are a crowd pleaser.  The US Government mandates that chocolate labeled “Bittersweet” contain at least 35% cocoa solids, though most bittersweet chocolate is made of at least 50% cocoa. Bittersweet chocolate is dark and rich in flavor and appeals to dark chocolate lovers.  Dark chocolate has been gaining an increasingly positive reputation recently due to its health benefits.  Research has proven, that in moderation, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of around 70% can lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, improve your mood and protect your skin.

SSP_470As a kid I liked milk chocolate, my favorite was Ritter Sport with hazelnuts.  Over time, I really developed a taste for the richness of dark chocolate.  Unsweetened chocolate contains virtually no sugar, which means it can taste incredibly dark and bitter; it is also known as “baking chocolate”.  As its name implies, unsweetened chocolate is used primarily in baking recipes adding a rich, smooth foundation to tasty confections like brownies and cakes.  For some people, dark chocolate can taste nasty because their palates are used to a very high level of sugar.  My preference in chocolate is a high quality dark chocolate with about 70 % cocoa content that gives me the complex delicious flavor that I’m looking for in chocolate.


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