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Six Yolk Pasta, Cherry Tomatoes, E.V.O.O. and Parmesan

Six Yolk Pasta, cherry tomatoes, E.V.O.O, and parmesan, is a dish that is all about simplicity, flavor, and fresh pasta. Six yolk egg pasta is good for you, ask any Italian. They have been eating this stuff for centuries and are still very happy and healthy.
The pasta dough recipe from my recipe folder was for 120 servings, so I needed to make a “few adjustments”. Should you ever need a recipe for 120 portions of fresh pasta dough, let me know I’m happy to send it to you.

Kneading, rolling, and cutting fresh-made pasta dough:

is all about going back to the basics. If you have flour and eggs in your kitchen, you are in business because that’s all you need.
Melted cherry tomatoes, fresh pasta, E.V.O, and parmesan is an awesome, simple summer recipe; driven by the fact that I had a bowl of wonderful cherry tomatoes sitting on my kitchen counter.

Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta

If you have never made fresh pasta it may be a little intimidating the first time:

however, a little planning will make everything pretty easy. I use my oversized wooden breadboard for the mixing and kneading part. You can use your kitchen table or if you have a marble counter, anything that will make it easy to knead and roll the pasta dough. In regard to the flour, I use all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour with a one-to-one ratio. The dough can be made in a food processor or with a mixer. I, on the other hand, like to mix and knead my pasta dough by hand. Kneading the dough for 10 minutes is good for you and the dough, giving you that little workout we all can use. Kneading is important. It makes the dough expand and forms gluten, which gives the pasta dough its springy elastic texture.

I use my hand-cranked pasta roller, the little machine works great. However, if you have the skills, the same results can be achieved with a rolling pin.

Rolling fresh pasta: 

When using the pasta roller, if the dough is sticking to the roller or the noodles are sticking together, it’s not the fault of the pasta roller. It’s because the dough is too wet.
The type, blend, brands of flour, the temperature and humidity of your kitchen, the size of the eggs, all of these things can affect the dough. If you have to add a lot of flour when cutting your pasta, your dough is too wet and will stick.
Having said that, a recipe can be a good guide, a place to start, but you must be prepared to tweak the dough to get it just right. Great cooks rely on recipes, however, I hope only to a certain point!!!
Cooks that rely only on strictly formulated recipes miss out on what is really important – recipes should teach us how to cook, not just follow step-by-step instructions.
Once you start rolling the dough, you want to use the threefold method. Folding the pasta dough several times threefold, will ensure an even size and rolling of the dough.

Resting the dough:

Resting the dough at room temperature is important. Not resting the dough, will create a harder and firmer dough, so a rested pasta dough is definitely superior. I rest my dough for one hour. This ensures the dough is completely hydrated and allows the gluten to relax which makes the dough pliable, making it easier to roll and cut. If you feel like making pappardelle pasta, fold the pasta sheets in half lengthwise. Then, using a very sharp knife, cut them into scant 3/4-inch wide ribbons.

Parpadlle Pasta

Melted Cherry Tomatoes, Six Yolk Pasta, E.V.O.O and Parmesan

The Taste:

Great flavor, an awesome meal that speaks summer.
Light clean flavor of E.V.O.O. sweet cherry tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil.
Using fresh-made egg pasta kicks everything up a notch.

The Process:

The dough can be used for all kinds of different kinds of pasta: tortellini, parpadelle, spaghetti, and linguini.
Use ripe sweet cherry tomatoes, the best E.V.O.O you can afford, and a good quality parmesan cheese.
The preparation and the cooking are all about simple execution while using the best ingredients.

The Verdict:

Six egg yolk pasta is a great recipe, and yes egg noodles are good for you.
Don’t wait too long to enjoy the pleasures of making and eating fresh homemade pasta.
The “pastabilities” are endless using this simple dough recipe.

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