An unlikely pairing:  O’Leary’s Bundt Cake with Chickpeas & Kale

An unlikely pairing: O’Leary’s Bundt Cake with Chickpeas & Kale

Kale is back on the menu, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.
For a healthier St. Patrick’s Day inspired cake, this recipe for Bundt Cake uses chickpeas and silky smooth kale puree.  A delicious green Bundt cake with no preservatives – no trans fat – no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial food color.  I hate food coloring with a passion and you don’t need to do any research to know that food coloring is not good for you. Available data, like the website Colors to die for confirms the dangerous impact of food coloring.  Green food coloring is banned in many European countries because of health concerns for a good reason, as far as I’m concerned they have no purpose whatsoever other than to sell junk food.  Considering the negative impact of these chemicals and considering how easily they could be replaced with safe, natural ingredients; you have to wonder why they are still used in our days.

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O’Leary’s Bundt cake is another great example of stealth health and wellness, all in a small package.  You would never know these little goodies are made with chickpeas and kale.  Years ago this recipe would have been considered too trendy.  Rightfully so, in our day’s food like this is here to stay and won’t go away.  The food scene changes quickly and there is a ton of healthy, great “good for you” food out there and people are much more adventurous than ever.  So baking with chickpeas and kale puree is here to stay.  Like using a good basic pasta dough, which is good for many different shapes and flavors of pasta, my basic chickpea Bundt cake recipe is good for many different versions of Bundt Cakes, like lemon cranberry, blueberry, chocolate etc.


Green is everywhere on St Patrick’s Day, clothes, food, green beer, they even dye the Chicago River green!   I’m not suggesting dying the Chicago River green with Kale, that would be a total waste of good nutritional kale, however, adding kale and chickpeas to a Bundt cake makes total sense to me.


The alternative to this Bundt cake recipe involves the use of garbanzo beans, apple sauce and fat-free buttermilk with the addition of fresh silk smooth kale puree.  I use about 2 pounds of fresh kale to make the kale puree, however, only 12 ounces of kale puree is needed for the Bundt cake.  Spoon the extra kale puree into ice cube trays and freeze into cubes.
Once they are frozen, shake out from tray and store in freezer bags and use as needed for baking additional Bundt cakes or for smoothies, yogurt dips, sauces etc.

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The American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer society are recommending eating beans as part of a heart-healthy diet, as it may help decrease your chances of heart disease.  Apple sauce and fat-free buttermilk are a great way to decrease the amount of fat in a recipe while maintaining moisture.  Garbanzos beans not only add protein but also add fiber that is proven to lower cholesterol.








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