Potato, bacon and poached egg

Potato, bacon and poached egg

DSC4151Moving from Stockholm, Sweden to Basel, Switzerland and taking the position as a Chef  Tournant at the Basel Hilton Hotel, I remember the discussions with a chef friend of mine about Rösti and if they should be made from raw or cooked potatoes. Well, I found out that in the western part of Switzerland, they are made from cooked potatoes and traditionally in Zurich, Rösti is made of raw shredded potatoes.Flavor, texture and tradition that’s what this meal is all about.

DSC4173What you see in the picture is a Rösti, the Swiss national dish. This meal is all about simple Swiss home cooking at its best.explain, a Rösti is nothing else then shredded potatoes, no flour, no egg, only salt, and oil. The Swiss add a little piece of butter at the end that I omitted, since I don’t think it is needed. It cannot get can get any simpler, in other words to screw this one up — you must be trying really hard. Adding bacon, you have a Berner Rösti, adding a poached egg, you have a killer breakfast.

DSC4218I prefer a Rösti made from cooked Potatoes or Gschwellti, as they are called in Switzerland.
A Rösti has to be crisp and golden on the outside and have a soft and melting awesomeness in the center. Adding melted Alpine cheese, or as in this case bacon and a poached egg, can turn a Rösti into a complete meal.




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