Quark, Tangerine & Honeyed Cranberries

Easy to Make Awesome Healthy Quark

Quark, unless you’ve lived in particular parts of Europe, you’ve very likely never have heard of it.
It dominates Greek yogurt in just about every nutritional aspect.  Quark is hard to find in stores, so I make my own; extremely easy to make.
Once you taste it, I guarantee you will continue to make your own.

What is Quark:

Technically quark is a cheese. Quark is a fresh and slightly drained cows’ milk cheese that is similar to old-fashioned cream cheese.
It is very high in protein and as a bonus, my recipe is free of added sugar, fillers, starches, and artificial ingredients.
It tastes like a cross between Greek yogurt, cream cheese, and cottage cheese, think of it as a creamier thicker version of yogurt. A spreadable white creamy cheese that you can eat sweet with a bit of honey or even savory with herbs and potatoes.  Quark is very versatile and, like cream cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt, is used in a lot of both sweet and savory recipes.

Quark, Tangerine & Honeyed Cranberries

Common Uses:

Quark makes a great base for many recipes such as cheesecake, pasta, creamy sauces, sandwiches, salads, and desserts
In northern Europe, it’s common to spread it on toast in the morning and eat it with fruit. Basically, anything you can think of that calls for ricotta, you can make with quark. Quark has been a big part of my life growing up; again great food memories of simple food, that we were happy to indulge in.

Quark, Tangerine & Honeyed Cranberries

Making your own Cheese:

There is something satisfying about making fresh cheese, even more, intriguing for me is that I know of people, that after they made the recipe they got that “I MADE CHEESE” attitude.
Making cheese often involves both starter culture and rennet, however, you can also make cheese very simply with heat and buttermilk, letting the natural bacteria do their work, causing the cheese curds to separate from the whey.

Quark, Tangerine & Honeyed Cranberries

Quark, Tangerine & Honeyed Cranberries

Quark doesn’t offer the complexity of an aged cheese, but rather it tastes fresh, milky, sweet, and clean.
I love to have my breakfast on Sunday morning with a great cup of coffee and the paper. I have the usual, 2 poached eggs, fresh juice, occasionally I add quark with fruit to a slice of my freshly baked Farmers bread. The selection of seasonal fresh fruit is limited this time of the year, however, cranberries and tangerines with quark sounded pretty good. Tangerines simmered and cooked in a syrup accompany the dish extremely well.  The uncooked marinated cranberries add another flavor and crunch for a perfect combination.

Any leftover tangerines or cranberries are a great topping for Steel Cut Oatmeal.

Quark, Tangerine & Honeyed Cranberries


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