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Sweet Corn Polenta, Bacon, Hot Sauce & Soft Boiled Egg

I noticed one thing in stores, sweet corn is never sold by a great name. It’s simply called sweet corn and if you drive the country roads of Illinois, farmers refer to corn by the seed number.  The number seems to be of more importance than a great name. You hardly see a tempting name that speaks to the quality and flavor of corn like: Mr. Mini Mirai corn which offers truly exceptional sweetness, deep kernels, and petite ears that fit on a dinner plate. We sampled this gourmet quality corn with local chefs, and they raved about its outstanding flavor, tenderness, and classy appearance.
Sweet corn season is here and for me it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Serve me fresh sweet corn, crisp bacon, a soft boiled egg, toast along with a great hot sauce and I’m in heaven!

Sweet corn is all about natural sugars. Sweet corn has a very high sugar content when harvested at the right time. Illinois sweet corn is usually planted in the beginning of April and harvested in the middle of July. This year the planting in some areas was delayed because of heavy rains, the ground was way to wet to plant corn.

sweet corn

This past weekend I drove to the Blackford farm near Armstrong, Illinois to get things set for the fall deer hunt. Approximately a 2 hour trip from Chicago, Armstrong is a rural village of about 400 located in Vermilion County, where the land is flat and the corn grows tall. Getting things set for the deer hunt usually entails scouting, cleaning overgrown trails, checking the stands and the cameras. I love the farm, the cows are big and the grass is green. I have to admit, sometimes when I cross the pasture, that big bull makes me really nervous. Fields of clover and wild flowers, plenty of fresh air with that added hint of cow manure, in other words the real thing.

Getting ready for deer hunting season and getting fresh sweet corn from the farm is the perfect weekend combination of things to do. I brought home 2 dozen ears of sweet corn. The farmers I know recommend to eat corn the day it is picked. As a matter of fact, it’s better to eat it within hours of being picked. The longer the corn is off the stalk and the longer it sits around, the more starch it will develop.
Corn is harvested at the milk stage, when the kernels are full of a milky-looking juice and are ready to be picked. To test, pierce the soft kernels with your thumbnail to look for the sweet milk, or as I do it bite into a raw ear and taste for sweetness.

For some families, it is an annual tradition to get together to shuck, clean and freeze sweet corn to enjoy for the rest of the year. Sweet corn freezes well.

To cook the corn is very simple, like most of my recipes it does not take a lot of cooking knowledge to whip up this awesome breakfast.
The perfect soft boiled egg has a firm egg white and soft egg yolk and is a winner. Every time I use the American test kitchen cooking method, my soft boiled eggs are a home run cooked to perfection. Now combine the sweetness of sweet corn, crisp bacon and a perfectly soft boiled egg and you have  a nutrient-rich and great-tasting, extremely easy to execute meal. Adding a little salt to the cooking process of sweet corn is a common practice and enhances the sweetness of the dish.

Fresh Sweet Corn, Bacon and Soft Boiled Egg 

The Taste:  Sweet and creamy, the little saltiness of the bacon and a soft boiled egg is a great combination. I like to add hot sauce, it kicks it up a notch. It’s totally amazing to me how sweet corn picked at the right time, has that amazing incredible natural sweetness and wonderful flavor.

The Process:  Almost all the recipes I post on my blog are categorized as easy to cook and this one is no exception. Make sure when you cut the corn off the cob, collect all the juices and use with the cooking of the corn. The perfect cooked soft boiled egg is simple, perfect and easy to cook.

The Verdict: The fact is that with only adding a pinch of salt and pepper and one tablespoon of butter you create a dish that has an awesome complex sweetness and plenty of nutritional benefits. Fresh sweet corn can be a healthy part of a meal as long as it is not slathered in butter and salt.While nearly all field corn grown in the U.S. is GMO, most sweet corn is not. Reports show that only 3 percent to 4 percent of the sweet corn grown in the U.S. each year is GMO. Purchase organic sweet corn, organic foods by law cannot contain more than 5 percent GMO-derived ingredients.


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