Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Waffle Iron Hash Browns, Shakshuka Spiced Green Chickpeas & Salt Cured Egg Yolk

The waffle iron hash brown with shukshuka spiced green chickpeas and salt cured egg yolks is a recipe that is all about crunch, textures and flavors. The slow stewed tomatoes are sweet, salty and spicy; finished with the awesome umami flavor of salt cured egg yolks.
As a bonus, the waffle hash browns are crusty on the outside and buttery on the inside; adding another layer of flavor and texture. I promise you will love what’s on your plate and you will go for seconds.

Shakshuka originally came from North Africa (Tunisia) and has quickly become a popular Middle Eastern dish all over the world. A traditional shakshuka recipe is eggs poached in a spiced tomato and green pepper stew with spices, onions and garlic.
My recipe is still using the traditional method of cooking the tomato stew. The difference here is that I have added green chick peas to the shashuka serving them over crunchy waffle iron hash browns.

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Waffle Iron Hash BrownsWaffel Iron Hash Browns

I use green chickpeas from Fresh Nature Foods, a family owned Pacific Northwest agriculture company in Spokane, WA that specializes in producing freshly picked green chickpeas.
Above all, not only do I love the flavor, nutritions and color of green chickpeas; I love the fact that Fresh Nature Foods chickpeas are grown without the use of pesticides !!!!!!

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Facts about Green Chickpeas

Green Chickpeas are young garbanzo beans harvested at peak freshness and are nutritionally packed!
They are a great source of plant based, all natural protein and an exciting and healthy choice for plant forward thinkers.
The perfect superfood, high in fiber, antioxidants, folate and iron. They are non GMO, non allergen,  gluten free and kosher. Green chickpeas are available year around and as a bonus they are grown with sustainable farming practices.
Green chickpeas are naturally low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium – promoting a healthy heart. A cup of chickpeas has about 15 grams of protein. That’s about 26 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) protein for men and 32 percent of the RDA for women. Chickpeas have 12.5 grams of fiber per cup, or roughly 50 percent of your daily needs! So certainly chickpeas are good for you.

What makes them Green

Picked early, a green chickpea is simply a normal garbanzo bean harvested while immature and is still in its live green state full of of natural moisture and color. Green chickpeas do not need to be reconstituted with water & preservatives.
They are rushed from the fields to be washed, blanched and flash frozen, locking in the natural color, moisture, nutrition and flavor.

Facts about Shashuka:

A good shakshuka is all about tomatoes, the flavors of sweet, salt and spice and of course eggs. Tomatoes, usually not canned, should be fresh. If they are too overripe to use for salads, that’s the time you want to cook them for shakshuka. In the summer time, I use fresh tomatoes to cook shakshuka. However, in the winter a good quality canned organic tomato is as good as using fresh tomatoes, if fresh tomatoes are not available to you.

Waffel Iron Hash Browns

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Salt cured egg yolks:

As simple as it gets. Salt curing typically relies on the simplest, most efficient method of curing by using a mix of salt and sugar. Pretty amazing stuff! Here you will find the link to the → Salt Cured Egg Yolk recipe
Salt curing egg yolks transforms the yolks into a consistency similar to parmesan cheese. Full of flavor with a saltiness, like a well aged parmesan. The process is easy, you take egg yolks and pack them in a salt and sugar mixture and cure them in the refrigerator for 7 days. Cured egg yolks not only have great flavor, as a bonus they are a great conversation piece during dinner. So. next time you use egg whites, don’t toss the egg yolks, cure them.

Salt cured egg yolks

Waffle Iron Hash Browns, Shakshuka Spiced Green Chickpeas & Salt Cured Egg Yolk


The shakshuka spiced green chickpeas with the slow stewed tomatoes are sweet, salty and spicy.
In addition, I love the awesome umami of the cured egg yolks.
The crusty outside, buttery inside waffle iron hash browns add another layer of flavor and texture.
It’s important to simmer the sauce for at least one hour, as the flavor of the Shashuka spiced tomato sauce continues to build from the nice, long, low-heat simmering.


What is really great with this recipe is not only the flavor, but the crunch.
By using a waffle iron for the hash browns,
it gives you the time to finish the rest of the cooking with ease


Awesome appetizer or entree and another reason to use your waffle iron.
First of all, not only do I love the flavor, nutritions and color of green chickpeas;
I love the fact that Fresh Nature Green Chickpeas utilizes sustainable farming practices.
The fact that they are harvested without the use of pesticides is even more important to me.
As a bonus, the salt cured egg yolks are a great conversation piece during dinner.

Recipe Tip

Store leftover Shakshuka spice mix in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for future use.
The Shakshuka spice mix is great to season a ratatouille, grilled vegetables, etc.

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