Whipped Cow's Milk Ricotta & Maple Roasted Pears

Whipped Cow’s Milk Ricotta & Maple Roasted Pears

Ricotta usually plays a supporting role in cooking, however, in this ricotta maple roasted pear recipe, the ricotta is taking center stage. There is nothing trendy about ricotta. A simple cheese, made from cow, sheep, goat or buffalo milk that is low in sodium and high in calcium and protein. I use ricotta in everyday cooking when making lasagna, manicotti, pizza topping, cheese cakes, dips, fillings, etc.

whipped ricotta

Trendy food is something that is very American. For some reason in this country, people look at food as a trend, certain food is around for some time and then it disappears. Days and weeks go by and everybody is talking about trends like Whoopi pies, kale, chocolate covered bacon, etc. what a hot trend it is
and suddenly like a tornado that passed through town, it’s quiet.
For me, it’s the strangest thing and someone needs to wonder how certain foods can have such a short lifespan. I agree that trends can drive innovation with one particular food group, however a trend for me is a food style choice.  Whereas, life styles are something very different. Nouvelle cuisine was not a trend, wellness driven food is not a trend and neither is mindful eating.  All are life styles that will continue to evolve. You may argue that Nouvelle cuisine has been abandoned over time. I would argue that Nouvelle cuisine was the start of the mindful eating movement. A modern style of cooking that avoided rich, heavy foods and emphasized the freshness of the ingredients. Nouvelle cuisine was and is a timely evolution of food, still going strong after almost 50 years, again something totally different than a trend.

Ok, enough talk about trends and life styles, let’s talk about whipped ricotta.

whipped ricotta

whipped ricottaIf you want to make your own ricotta, you can use my ricotta recipe, or you can purchase a good quality ricotta. The hardest thing when making homemade ricotta is having the patients to let the cheese drain. In other words, decreasing the water content and concentrating on the flavor and richness. Making your homemade whipped ricotta is really easy and actually takes very little time.
When combined and whipped with a little cream cheese, ricotta becomes creamy and fluffy and can be the base for amazing sweet or savory dishes. Take the time, make your own homemade ricatta and enjoy the experience of making your own simple cheese.

whipped ricotta

Throughout the fall and winter, I enjoy whipped ricotta with pears roasted with brown sugar, butter and vanilla. A wonderful dessert that is so easy to make. I use Bosc pears, however, any type of pear will do the job. You want to serve the roasted pears slightly warm with the chilled whipped ricotta to fully enjoy the roasted pear, buttery maple syrup flavor. Talking about maple syrup, my recommendation is to use a high quality grade A maple syrup. Please do not use the fake stuff. The butter, brown sugar and maple syrup will create a wonderful sauce that elevates the dish to another level and makes it so tasty.

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