Wild boar taco with Nopales salad and pickled red onions

Wild boar taco with Nopales salad and pickled red onions

After deer hunting hard last fall, with little succes, we committed to only harvest a mature Kentucky buck, we decided to go boar hunting near Macon, about 3 hours south of Atlanta, Georgia.
Here is Donny with a big boy, I believe his boar was around 250 lbs.
Lenny did pretty good , he harvested a nice boar that was around 300 lbs.

Lenny 2

FYI, the biggest hog taken in Georgia was in 2007 killed in Fayetteville, he was 9 foot long and weighed in at 1100 Lbs.

Wild Baor Taos are a great dinner for cinco de mayo or any other day and the pickled onions add another flavor and a sweet crunch to the taco.
The Nopal cactus or more commonly known as “Prickly Pear” has been a staple part of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine for centuries. Cactus is a very low calorie vegetable, 3 ounces carry just 16 calories and is extremely high in fiber and vitamins especially vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K and minerals.
You can say that Nopales are trending with the raw and natural food community and may be considered a super food due to its cholesterol lowering capabilities.
Nopales cactus traditionally has been used as a cure for gastric ulcers, recent studies have verified these effects.

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