Turmeric Milk with Honey and Ginger


Turmeric Milk with Honey and Ginger, known as well as golden milk is a drink from India that has been gaining a following in Western culture.  The beverage is usually made with cow’s milk I use almond milk in my recipe. We live in a wonderful world of spices, herbs and seasonings, and if you research turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, the main ingredients in the golden milk recipe, you find some amazing unexpected benefits

Mindfulness and Food:

Jon Kabat Zinn, psychologist and author of multiple books on mindfulness said,
“For the most part, we eat with great automaticity, with little insight into its critical importance for us in sustaining life and also in sustaining health. “Nowadays we are getting bombarded with information on healthy eating and what to eat and what to drink and If you look at statistics, America suffers more from obesity and chronic diseases than ever. One day the eggs are not good for you, the next day eggs are good for you, sometimes all this information can be very confusing.  I agree with Jon’s statement and having a glass of turmeric milk, that’s easy to prepare and full of nutrients, may just prove Jon Kabat Zinn wrong.

Turmeric Milk

The healing power of Turmeric:

Here is the bottom line about the healing power of turmeric :
Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, and has a wide range of therapeutic effects of the studies on this herb are using turmeric extracts that contain mostly curcumin itself, with dosages usually exceeding 1 gram per day. It would be very difficult to reach these levels just by using the turmeric spice in your foods. Therefore, if you want to experience the full health benefits, it is recommended to take a Turmeric supplement that contains significant amounts of curcumin. Turmeric is a remarkable spice and  Unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps to consume black pepper with it, which contains piperine… a natural substance that enhances the absorption of curcumin. So in order to enhance absorption, I added the ground black pepper to the recipe.


The healing power of Ginger:

Ginger is among the healthiest spices on the planet and is one of the very few “superfoods” actually worthy of that term. Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice.is among the healthiest spices on the planet and is one of the very few “superfoods” actually worthy of that term. Ginger is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There’s some evidence, in both humans and animals, that ginger can lead to significant reductions in LDL (bad) cholesterol, total cholesterol, and blood triglyceride levels 

Turmeric Milk

The healing power of Cinnamon

It has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years and adding cinnamon to your diet is a win-win. You are adding a burst of warm, nutty flavor to your food or drink, as well as potential health benefits. These benefits may include everything from blood sugar regulation to cancer prevention.



Honey’s sweet flavor makes it an ideal substitute for sugar in the diet. Honey is still a sweetener, so remain mindful of how much honey you are using. Make sure to choose a high-quality brand, some lower-quality brands may be mixed with cheap syrup.

Warm Turmeric Milk and Honey:

If you’ve never had turmeric milk, you will be in for a pleasant surprise, both in regards to flavor and nutrition. There is something said about warm milk. I’m sure you have heard or even had a glass of warm milk before bedtime to relax. I’m not sure how effective warm milk is to help you sleep and all the research I have done did not produce any evidence that warm milk will make you fall asleep. Sometimes you just have to believe in the relaxing and soothing power of a warm beverage to fall asleep.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk with Honey and Ginger

Chef Norbert
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Better for you, Beverage
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 people
Calories 143 kcal



Heat all the ingredients

  • Place all ingredients into a saucepan and bring to a light boil, whisk and reduce heat to simmer for about 10-12 minutes.
    20 fl oz Almond milk, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp cinnamon, ground, 1 pinch black pepper, ground, 1 tbsp ginger, ground
  • Strain the milk and serve. Enjoy warm


Serving: 10oz | Calories: 143kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 2g | Sodium: 386mg | Potassium: 50mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 9g

Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate

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